My Loreland Farm Resort and Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Experience


My friend and I went at Loreland Farm Resort for a much needed break. It is located in Antipolo City, Philippines. The place is close to where we live so it is a good deal. We made our reservations at bienvenido tours, here’s the link. We chose option 1 which includes a room (standard double room), buffet breakfast, day tour access in Luljetta’s Hanging Garden (LHG) with meal. The deal is good for 2 people.

Day 1: We arrived at a later time than expected (4PM) so to better enjoy their hanging garden, we made reservations for the next day. Then we wander around to check out the whole resort and note that they have lots of swimming pools to choose from. It took us an hour before we had our dinner and after 30 minutes, we decided to take a dip. We were there for around 3 hours or more. It was fun!

Day 2: We woke up around 8am and had our free breakfast. Breakfast buffet are the bomb. It was delish! Anyway, after breakfast we immediately packed our things since our room reservation is up until 11am. Good thing lockers are available at Luljetta’s Hanging Garden.

Upon checking in the hanging garden, they will hand you over a basket, towel and a robe. These are the only things that you can bring in. During our stay, towels are limited so my friend had to go back and check if towels are already available.

The first thing we did was to dip our foot at this fish spa. Say goodbye to our callused skin!


Then we took advantage of the infinity pool (my personal favorite) and the hydro massage pool. My friend took this photo. There’s a heated Jacuzzi as well but we didn’t try since the tub is small and there are already people in it. It is alright, we’ll check it out next time.


After checking out the pool, it was time for our much deserved spa. Their therapist did a good job massaging my back. I loved it. After the massage we ate our free snacks and just chill out had some good talks. The view was amazing. Last thing we did was to eat dinner (free – included in our package). The food was okay, I liked the salad more than the main course. Well I guess because I am already full. Nonetheless, the experience was really worth it.


It is definitely a go to place when you are here in the metro.


4 thoughts on “My Loreland Farm Resort and Luljetta’s Hanging Garden Experience

    1. We didn’t go there during their peak season so it is not as crowded. It was like we own the place except for the spa and jacuzzi. Have you stayed overnight as well?

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