Inside the Mind of a Broken Girl


It is already the end of my shift and I decided to buy something at the mall. Then I saw my boyfriend at the other end together with my best friend. I almost called them until they held hands and kissed.

It is clear that he cheated on me. The two most important people broke my heart. Questions are now pouring.

How did that happen?

Why didn’t I notice something?

Or maybe I noticed something but I never would have thought that cheating is involved.

Is there something wrong with me?

What did I do to deserve this?

I am crying my heart out.. Is this really happening?

I am now buried in pain, anger, hatred..

I feel alone..

I am crying again. I don’t wanna cry anymore. I’m done with crying!

I have to get up and show people that I am okay. I have to put up a brave face. I need to be normal again.

I am now okay.

**She hides her pain and let others know that she has moved on. She will never love again as it is already meaningless to her. She will never trust again. To hide and protect her heart to everything from everyone, she built a wall as strong as brick
This wall is now her friend



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