About me:

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Hi guys! I am Nina and I live in the Philippines. Mabuhay! 

I started blogging 3 years ago when I had a lot of things going on in my mind. It was my outlet because I had a hard time sharing my problems with my family and friends. Since my main goal was to share personal secrets, I named my blog the little miss secret. It was therapeutic and it made me feel good. However, I only blogged a few times.


Three years after and I am already better. Thus, I lost my passion. I tried finding it again and did lots of things. It didn’t work though it made me discover new skills. So I tried blogging again. This time, it is not about personal secrets anymore. It is about sharing what I do that others might not know. I guess this is my passion after all – writing.


For all of you who are curious, I am a beauty enthusiast and I love trying new beauty products. I too am a foodie. I cook and I love exploring different restaurants. I can also draw, color and do graphic design so I guess it is safe to say that somehow, I am an artist. Lastly, I find joy in writing something motivational or inspiring. With that said, I blog those things!

Hoping that you guys would appreciate my blog!

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