REVIEW: Marikina’s Crave Park (Food Park)

Rate: 8.5/10
Price: ~500 PHP for two
Parking: With Parking lot but if full, street parking.
Address: Blk 3 Lot 22 and 24 Mayor Gil Fernando St. Centro de Buenviaje. Brgy Sto. Niño Marikina (beside Roadside)
Restaurant Hours: 4:00 PM – 12:00MN


Here’s the newest dining place here in Marikina, Crave Park. This food park is made out of stacked container vans (2 floors) and they just had their soft opening last October 08, 2016. My boyfriend showed this place to me thru Facebook and we decided to try the place since it looks promising. We went their the next day, October 09, 2016 around 7:30PM and oh boy, the place is full and there are a lot of cars parked in the area so we had to park across the street. Since all the seats were already occupied we just decided to take home our food.


There are variety of food stalls to choose from such as: The hungry Burro, CreamCo Creamery, Nitro, Tokyo Tempura, Flat bread,  Tori Donburi, Spin the bottle and others. Name your food cravings and it is there. Note: I will update this article continuously as I explore Crave Park. 

  • Hungry Buster:

We craved for burgers so we decided to try out Hungry Buster. Dying is their best seller which costs 120.00 PHP. I ordered it since I am the type of girl who orders the best seller. On the other hand, my Boyfriend ordered (two) Burning which costs 130.00 PHP each (Note: he has big appetite). Of course burger is not complete without fries. So we ordered the one which is good for sharing and it costs 75.00 PHP.


Dying is indeed their recommended burger to buy. The burger melts in your mouth… It is so delicious! The patty contains burger, bacon, mushroom, and melted cheese. One burger patty made me full. Even my boyfriend had a hard time finishing his second burger. Their fries is really yummy as well. So try them out guys!

  • Dabs and Popcorn

Before going to a new restaurant, it is my habit to check reviews or the place’s Facebook page. So I decided to check theirs and got curious to Dab & Popcorn (because it looks delicious and I love corn). As I am already at the place, I asked them their recommended corn flavor, and the chef asked me if I wanted something sweet which I agreed to. They recommended their Toasted Sesame Butter which is “the” BEST as what the chef said to me. So I bought it and it costs 98.00 PHP. However, since I’ll take it home, I have to add an additional 5.00 PHP. Total cost: 105.00 PHP.


Sweet, juicy, buttery… Clearly I am out of words to describe how delicious this corn is. I recommend you to try this one if you are a corn lover. Two thumbs up! Thanks to the chef for recommending this dish to me.

(More food stalls to come!)

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REVIEW: Burger King’s Chicken Fries – Philippine Version


October 2, 2016 – Burger King’s Chicken fries is finally here in the Philippines.  It is available in 6 and 9 pieces. It also comes with a barbecue sauce. (PS, will update with the price.)

My boyfriend was the first one to discover it when he was scrolling his Facebook feed. He said that he bought it regularly back in New York. So between us, he was more excited than I am. I, on the other hand was curious of what the taste would be like. We decided to try it on the same day they said that it is already available here in the Philippines.


The packaging is cute and the people who eats on the go can benefit from it. It also has an advantage to those who owns a car and in a hurry to go to work because you can put it on your car’s cup holder.



Chicken fries but it lacks chicken flavor. Personally, I think the meat is fake, 30% grind chicken and the rest extenders. (I guess it is a little bit exaggerated but that’s what it feels like). The seasoning and breading are the only source of flavor which is too strong for my palate. Also, the barbecue sauce that comes with the chicken fries also tastes strong. For me, both of them doesn’t blend well. I also tried it with ketchup and oh boy it doesn’t taste good.


I don’t hate it but I don’t like it as well. It is an okay meal. However, I think I will not buy it again unless they have another sauce that will match the strong taste of its breading. Or, if they will enhance the flavor of their breading to match its sauce. On the other hand, my boyfriend likes it and it is also an okay meal for him. He also said that the size is smaller here compared to USA. The taste is also different and he said that USA’s chicken fries tastes better.

It is edible so I still encourage you to try it because who knows you might like it.

**PS, my boyfriend and I have different taste palate.

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