Fun Facts


I was born during the feast day of Santo Nino. That’s why they named me Nina.

I am 157 cm. (I know I’m short)

I am a Catholic.

I have a younger sister.

I own an Iphone 6S and I love it.

My personality type is ISFJ

For me to function, I need a cup of coffee.

As of the moment, my favorite song is Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld

I love Asian food and I usually crave for steamed dumplings, Ramen, La mien and sushi.

I am not yet married.

I don’t have any kids yet.

P.S. I love you is my favorite book. That’s the first book which made me cry.

My favorite scents are Lancome’s Miracle and Victoria Secret’s Bombshell.

Someday I’ll do Bungee-jump.

I don’t like putting milk in my cereals. I’d rather eat the cereals alone, and drink the milk separately.

I love to smell things.

I love travelling.

I rarely open our television.

I swim, play piano, dance.

I don’t like barking dogs.

I’d prefer cat as my pet