My Life Update!


I was not blogging for a month and until now I still do not have enough motivation. But I will try my best to post every now and then. Anyway, I want to share with you guys what happened to me. PS, this is a little bit personal.

Until now, I am still experiencing this quarter life crisis. I know that working full-time as an employee is not for me as of the moment. But I still tried and submitted my resume to some companies. I was already in my pre-employment when I decided not to pursue the job.

I just wasn’t feeling it. So for the past weeks I am just playing Pokemon Fire Red on my emulator and cook dishes. Those are my stress relievers. Also, I think of the things that I like to do because I kinda feel lost again and aside from that, I’m broke.

Then one day, I just decided to check the freelance site that I registered to years ago. And I think of my skills which can help me earn money. (a) Graphic Design. I know Photoshop and Illustrator; I know the basic and I can do it pretty neatly. But I am a little bit skeptical if I can do the job well.  (b) Virtual Assistant, I think I can handle this because I am organized. But the problem is my internet speed. Our internet provider sucks. It has monthly limit so I can’t.  (c) Blogging, this is close to my heart. But I am not sure if I have enough motivation to do it.

With the skills mentioned above, I chose (c) since I’ve been blogging and contributing to other blogs for the past months. I really composed a good cover letter and answered her other questions. And there you go! I got a job! PS, I am loving it. 🙂

Oh and last thing, I am really thankful to my boyfriend because he is really supportive. He supports me in every way that he can especially now. I am lucky that I have him.

‘Till my next blog guys!

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