Robinsons Supermarket: Weekly Grocery Haul for Two


What do I purchase weekly? Well now, I’m gonna share it with you guys!

Ever since I started living separately from my family, the supermarket became my go-to store to release stress. The bigger the store the better. Sometimes I just go in to check out what’s new. Are you guys like me? Let me know in the comment below! 🙂

Anyway, I had this idea to share what I bought (for my future reference as well) so that you’ll know what my lifestyle is. I am also going to share with you the prices of these products and the reason why I bought it (some of it). (NOTE: These are not sponsored).

Joy dish washing liquid (Lemon Flavor) 200 ml41.75 PHP

Magnolia’s 12pcs Brown Egg (Large). There are only 2 eggs in the picutre but I bought 12 pcs of eggs which are already organized in the fridge. As of now, I am still experimenting on which brand of eggs I should stick with. – 100.00 PHP

Domex Pink Power 900 ml. This is what I use to clean the bathroom. I discovered this product when my roommate bought it back in college. – 125.00 PHP

Fry Best’s Bread Crumbs. I bought this because my boyfriend wanted me to make pizza rolls. – 28.00 PHP

Regular Coke, 2L. This is my boyfriend’s favorite drink. So I have to stock it up. – 51.25 PHP

Gardenia’s White Bread. – 60.50 PHP

Healthy You’s Canola Oil, 500ml47.oo PHP

10pcs Kopiko Black 3-in-1, 25g. I found out about this coffee 4 months ago because I felt that my go-to coffee is not working for me anymore. If you are not into caffeine, then this product is not for you.  But if you want to stay awake then I recommend this. The aroma and the taste are both strong which I love. – 43.50 PHP

Ponds Anti Acne Facial Foam, 100g – I got curious about this product since it is new in the market. I’ll let you know in the future if it is good. – 154.75 PHP

UFC’s Spaghetti sauce (Filipino Style), 250g – I am not into red sauce pasta. But then, I decided to try and cook Filipino style spaghetti since I have all the ingredients (except for the sauce). – 22.55 PHP

Kornets, 75g – Which is not in the picture because I already ate it. Haha! This is one of my childhood junk food. What about you guys? Do you have any childhood chips? Comment below!  – 22.00 PHP

Total: 696.30 PHP

Stuff here in the Philippines, especially Manila is really expensive. I could remember back when I was still little, our grocery cart is full and it only costs more or less a thousand pesos.

Anyway, ‘Till my next grocery haul guys!


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