REVIEW: Samyang’s Fire Chicken Fried Noodles with Cheese – Buldalk (Updated)

Again, I had time to check out our local Korean grocery store, Masan. To my surprise, I found out that Samyang came out with the

cheese version of this fire noodles! I was so delightful since I always put cheese when eating this. (Check it out here.) Without hesitation, I bought one to try. This cup noodles comes with chopsticks and it costs 75 PHP.


Upon checking the packaging, there’s no clear/visual instructions on how to cook it. I assume that I just have to heat an electric kettle, pour the water in and leave it for about 3-5 mins. And the 3 triangular shapes on top is where I can drain the water.


I then opened the cup noodles and found 2 packets. The red one contains the sauce, which is lesser compared to the original one and the orange one contains seaweeds and cheese powder. I also noticed the noodles packaged in a cup is thinner compared to the bagged one.


The taste is still delicious. The sweetness and spiciness is still there and of course I could also taste the cheese flavor. There is a good balance in everything. Though compared to the original, I didn’t have a hard time eating it. I don’t know if it’s the cheese, the noodles, the sauce content or because I am hungry. – oh, mind you.. I still drank like 3-5 glasses lf water in between.

Overall, I still liked the flavor including the cheese and I will definitely recommend it to you guys. And if I were to choose the packaging, I would choose the bagged one. I think that there’s greater content because the noodles are thicker which will make you feel full after. However, if you prefer convenience then the cup one is for you.

UPDATE (December 16, 2016)- I found the bagged one recently and decided to eat this again. And oh my lawd it is SPICIER compared to the cupped one. It still has that kick and challenge.

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