My Pokemon Go Experience in the Philippines

(Updated 17 Aug 2016) – After weeks of waiting, Pokemon Go is now available in the Philippines.

I was scrolling my Facebook feed last Saturday, (August 06, 2016) when I found an article saying that Pokemon Go is already live.  Of course I made sure that it’s not a hoax. I searched it on my app store and downloaded it. When I opened the app I could already see the location of the poke stops and gyms, the article was legit!

My boyfriend and I found a new hobby, to go out and catch ’em! Good thing, our place has a lot of poke stops nearby. So we just go and roam around the neighborhood. There are also those nights where we decided to drive around the city and conquer some gyms (shout out to all Team Mystics out there). Don’t worry guys, I am the one who’s playing!

Just a tip guys, if you want to level up faster, use your incense and lucky egg at the same time. And if you are using lucky eggs, evolve more Pokemon (Lucky egg = double XP). Enjoy playing Pokemon guys! If you found rare ones, can you guys comment below the place where you found them? And share your experiences too! It’ll be fun!

Below are the screenshots of Poke stops around the metro. Quezon city circle, Eastwood City and University of Santo Tomas (UST). There are a lot of people who uses lure module there.

Here are additional screenshots of Poke stops around Metro Manila. Marikina – Bayan and Loyola Memorial Park. My boyfriend caught Arcanine around Marikina-Bayan while in Loyola, there are a lot of Eevee’s.  In Quezon City’s U.P. Town Center, we caught Ivysaur and we also saw Abra. However, we were unable to catch it. Next time though.

**Normally, there’s a lure (almost 24/7) in Marikina’s Sports Center, Bluewave mall and Toyota. 

My Pokedex.

My top Pokemon.

Conquered one of the Gyms in the neighborhood! Go team Mystic!



One thought on “My Pokemon Go Experience in the Philippines

  1. It’s all the craze! My colleagues here at the office have even started to hunt them Pokemons down here at our production floor.

    I’m not sure if I’m able to start this thing myself. I’m all okay with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius so far. 😀

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