My Own Recipe of Fried Rice

If there are tons of left over food, my go to food to cook is fried rice and I wanna share my recipe with you guys.


Below are the ingredients:

Serving size: 1-2  Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 10 mins

2 cloves of Garlic
At least a day old rice
Mixed veggies
Any meat available –  for this recipe I used ham. But my favorite is longganissa (churizo) because of its smokiness. You can also use bacon, chicken, or ground beef. It is up to your own taste.
1-2 beaten eggs
Dash of soy sauce
Dash of liquid seasoning
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Sugar
Pinch of Pepper
Cayenne pepper (optional)

Heat the oil in a pan, saute the onion and garlic. When the onion is already soft, put on your desired meat. Heat for at least 30 seconds. Then put on your veggies. Heat for at least a minute. Then add now your rice. Mix all until the rice softens then add your beaten eggs. Mix until your eggs started to form. Add the liquid seasoning and soy sauce and mix to even the liquid out. Then lastly, add your salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. Mix it one last time. Remember to taste it and adjust the seasonings according to your own taste.

That’s it! You are now done with your fried rice. Enjoy guys!


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