Why Living on Your Own is a Good Start as a Young Adult

Are you 18 y/o? Are you not married yet? Then you can stay at your parents’ house whenever you want. There’s no pressure. Oh, and sometimes even if you are married and has kids, you are still welcome to live in your parents’ house. Filipinos really value their family; parents tend to help their children even after graduation or marriage.


That was me before. Even if I am already earning, I decided to still stay at home. I was able to save up money easily and also was able to spend it whenever and however I want. In a way, I felt in control- money wise. However, living in my parents’ house means that I have to live in with their rules. Since I want more freedom and I wanna feel more independent I decided to get my own apartment.

Here are the three life changing things that I have experienced ever since I started living on my own.

I get excited at the mall’s kitchen/home section.

Who else doesn’t? Okay guys, I don’t buy them, I just look at them and wish that someone will buy them for me or a birthday present perhaps? And to be honest, I’d love to shop more in the home section than the female section (clothes/shoes).

I became the queen of budget.

I never imagined that budgeting money is this hard. Every payout, I have to save up my money for all the bills (electric, water, servicer provider and rent). And take note that monthly bills vary so I always estimated more than my normal bill.

Next thing, I also have to think about my necessities such as food. Since I pay now for my own grocery, I always check their prices and if I could consume it within the month. Let’s not waste food here mate.  I still go and eat outside but most of the time, I’d rather cook since it’s way cheaper.

Before buying, I now ask myself, “Is it worth it? Will I always use it?”

I used to just go and buy whatever I want. Shoes, clothes, accessories. But now, it is a little bit different. I ask myself first if it is worth it. Since I have tons of clothes, enough shoes I rarely buy them. I am proud of it because I guess this what being adult is like.

I am more responsible now that I don’t have my parents help.

 Back when I was living with my parents, I don’t normally do chores since I know that there’s someone that will do it for me. But when I decided to separate, responsibilities flooded in an instant. I have to clean, wash the dished, cook, throw garbage and lastly do my own laundry.

I will never learn these things if I haven’t lived separately. It gave me a new idea on what being adult is like.  How about you guys? Are you living separately from your parents? Or not? Do you also feel the same way as I do? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Why Living on Your Own is a Good Start as a Young Adult

  1. Nina I’m unfortunately living with my parents and I’m 23 years old. I haven’t got the income to create separation and move out just yet, but I know that as soon as I do, I’ll be out of here.

    There’s something within my living quarters that just doesn’t feel right anymore, the energy is off. I know I need to get out, to chase personal growth, and I need to do it soon.

    Great post.

      1. Yea I have thought about it! But I’m still studying.. I haven’t mustered up the guts or finances to do it just yet. I can’t wait though. I should also mention that I LOVE MY FAMILY. I just need time away to find myself. And reading your post was a pleasure, I look forward to the many more to come 😀

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