REVIEW: Laruan Atbp. Cafe at Maginhawa Street

Rate: 6/10
Price: more than 150 PHP per meal.
Parking: Limited. 


This cafe was featured by our local online magazine. Since then I got curious and wanted to try the place. Good thing this cafe is near to where we do our laundry so my partner and I  finally decided to dine there.

Brief background: Normally, people come here to play with their group. There’s a consumable 150 PHP in order for you to play for an “UNLIMITED” time.  Oh, and note that this place has a lot of board, card and other games that you can choose from. 


It was Thursday around dinner time when we decided to go and check the place. Of course, we were hungry and they don’t offer much food especially for those who are hungry like us. There are only 3 pastas and 3 rice bowls to choose from (which we think could make us full). On the other hand, there are a lot of snacks, sandwiches, and beverages to choose from.

I ordered pesto pasta which tasted like an ordinary pesto pasta. Nothing much to say about this. My partner ordered classic taco which tasted good (that’s what he said to me). He thought that it was not worth it because of its price. He also ordered Cajun Chicken I tasted it and it was delicious which I got jealous of. Anyway, we decided to order Lava Cake ala Mode which I  fell in love with. Who wouldn’t love chocolates?

Our food costed 720 PHP. It’s expensive. Below is the breakdown.

Classic Taco – 155
Cajun Chicken – 175
Pesto – 185
Lava Cake A La Mode – 205


As expected, there were a lot of people inside because it’s dinner time and most employees/students were already off their work/school. Since it’s only me and my partner, it was easy for us to get a seat and for those who were in bigger groups, they had to wait until someone leaves.

There are a lot of games to choose from and we picked a game which suited for us both. And yes, I forgot what our game called so apologies for that. Nonetheless me and my partner had fun. The downside of this place was it’s really small and it I felt like we were crammed inside. Because of that, it was hard to hear each other as others talks so loud (I have nothing against that because I know they’re having fun).

I guess we got the perfect place (near the counter) and it was easy for us to get their attention if we needed something. So for us, their service was okay.

Overall, I liked its concept. But I guess this is not for me anymore as I preferred a place where I can hang out and eat good food peacefully. For those who still wanna try I’d recommend that you go earlier than dinner time so you could get a seat right away (especially for bigger groups).

Do you want to invite me to check your restaurant out? Go and drop by here!

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