REVIEW: Nongshim’s Zha Wang Noodles

Zha Wang.JPG

There is something with Korean noodles that I like that’s why I wanna try almost everything that I can find. Good thing I got a chance to go at the nearest Korean store (Masan, Cubao).  I got curious about Nongshim’s Zha Wang ramen that’s why I decided to buy this and it costs 55 PHP.

This is a Jajangmyeon type ramen – black bean soy paste noodles and it is my first time eating a soy bean based ramen so I am excited. I also researched this brand and it said that it is famous in Korea. However, it is recommended to buy the shin black. (Which I will buy next)

Upon opening the package, there are 3 packets in it – powder sauce, dehydrated veggies, and the vegetable oil. At the back of the package you could see the nutritional values and the cooking instructions which are clear because there’s an English translation.


Here’s the powdered sauce combined with 3tbsp of water. It dissolves easily.


And here’s the ramen when combined with the sauce and veggies.


  • Once you’re done cooking and you’ve mixed it all together you could really smell the scent of the black beans- and it smells good.
  • The noodles are thick which I really loved. I preferred not to overcook my noodles so I just boiled mine for a little less than 5 minutes.
  • This ramen will really make you feel full.


  • The flavor is a little too much for my taste buds so I got tired eating it.
  • Not healthy.. High sodium content.

Overall, I enjoyed this because this is new to my taste and I love Korean food. I guess I’ll add chicken strips the next time I eat this to balance out the flavor. So if you like Korean treats like me, go and buy this one!

‘Till my next blog!

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**If you are living in the Philippines-Metro Manila go and wanna know where I bought it, go and message me! I’ll give you a map! 


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