REVIEW: Donna’s Cafe (Lilac, Marikina)

Rate: 8.5/10
Price: ~150 PHP
Parking: Limited. 
Contact number: 0905 341 6881


Lilac Street has a lot of local restaurants to choose from. If you wanna eat and hang out with your friends, this is your go to place. My sister and I decided to try out a new cafe – Donna’s Cafe. They recently opened last May 17, 2016.


For appetizers, we tried calamari (deep fried squid) and nachos. I highly recommend their nachos because it is really delicious.  The calamari was tasty but it gets boring after a while.

For our main dish, we ordered baked macaroni. It tastes delicious and it feels like I’m eating my grandma’s dish, my comfort food.

For my drink, I ordered ice blended coffee (since I love coffee) while my sister ordered house blend iced tea which comes with a free refill (Note: You can only ask for a refill once). The coffee tastes creamy, so for those who loves creamy coffee, I guess you’ll prefer this.  However, for those who likes their coffee strong like me, I guess you should pass on this one. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this drink. Perfect to beat the heat.

Their menu consists of appetizers, pasta, rice meal, soda/juice/ shakes/ coffee/ cheesecake. I guess once they are already established, they should add pastries, so people can pair it with their coffee.

Our food costs 620 PHP. Below is the breakdown.

Nachos – 120 PHP
Calamari – 140 PHP
Baked Mac – 180 PHP
Iced Blended Coffee – 130 PHP
House Blend Iced Tea – 5o PHP


The place is just small, it can only accommodate about 32 people, but the ambiance is really great. It will make you feel relaxed and will make you crave for more food.

Their service is great. The moment we entered, they greeted us warmly and served us with drinks. They are really friendly which made us feel comfortable during our stay.


Overall, I recommend this place since it is perfect for a short get together with friends or family. Their food is great, the place has a good ambiance and the staff are nice. You’ll enjoy your stay here! Go and try this place!


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