Things I Found Out After I Quit My Job

I could still remember the hardship that I went through just to be in the corporate world. 200 applicants were there and out of it, 20 will enter the company. I’m lucky that I am one of the 20 people selected. Oh those days.. But then the time has come that I have to leave the company. It was a good 2 years of working with them. In those years, I’ve grown a lot as a person.


Now, I have to turn to a new page where I can fill it with new things. Below are the things that I found out after quitting my job.

Rediscover myself.

As I stayed longer at my job, I started to lose grip on my goals. Right then, I know that I am not happy anymore. I am now an empty page. A blank canvass. I am currently rediscovering my passion and goals in life. It was a tough one but I’m getting there because the road is getting clearer each day.

More time for my family and friends

My past job requires me to work during holidays. I even have to bargain my vacation leaves because there are a few of us who knows the task. So plans should be done ahead of time. I even lack time to meet with my friends because usually I’d be tired during the weekend.

As of now, even though I do not have the money that I used to earn, spending quality time with my friends, family and partner gives me happiness. I was also able to reunite with my high school friends.

Not because it is conventional, I should be doing it too.

Being in a corporate job is the conventional way of living here. But after days of quitting, I couldn’t see myself working in the corporate world. Well I guess not now. I remembered having an interview and instead of me feeling excited because of the possible job, I started thinking again the reasons why I left my previous job.

I am happy with the freedom that I am experiencing right now. I get to wake up whenever I want. Work whenever I want. I am in control of my life. Quitting my corporate job is the greatest decision I’ve ever made.


7 thoughts on “Things I Found Out After I Quit My Job

  1. Hahaha, I too did the same once. I too enjoy the freedom you enjoy now. I can go for my drumming shows. I can go to my flute classes. I can try the little drum called “Idayka”, Now I can blog freely; and I can earn some money by writing copy of ads. A wonderful job I love. I go to many colleges, meet their principal or head of institution, beg for some teaching assignments, some will give some, some may not. i enjoy earning a living on different days by doing different jobs. I enjoy my life totally like you. Love you.

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