I’m Sorry For Breaking Your Heart

This is to the guy whom I loved yet I broke his heart.

I am sorry for breaking your heart.

No. I’ve destroyed it. Even though you showed me the purest intentions, I still have the guts to hurt you. Honestly, it was hard for me to come up with this decision but it’s unfair to you if we continue the relationship we had.

I am sorry for not loving you as much as you loved me. 

You know where we started. I hope you know that I really tried. I loved you. But it’s not enough. I haven’t moved on with my past. I should have let myself heal first before letting you in my life.

I am sorry for wanting more. 

This is me being ambitious and wanting more. I shared with you my dreams and I hoped that you would also want more in life. I helped you dream for more. But no, you are happy with where you are. I couldn’t be with you. There’s so much more life can offer.

I am sorry for not trusting you.

I thought I did. But I was skeptical with your plans in life. You just planned but I never saw any actions.

I am sorry for leaving you.

It was the hardest decision that I made. I’ve weighed up the pros and cons. Even if I know that you really love me, I’m not sure if it is enough. We have different perspectives in life. I want to be with someone who shares the same views as me.

I am sorry for everything. I’m a mess and right now, I am not the girl you deserve. I am not your perfect girl. Don’t let this ruined relationship be a hindrance of you finding the right girl. We had a lot of good memories and I hope that you’d carry it. I miss you. And I hope someday we could at least be civil.

Again, I am sorry.


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