Reasons Why We Love Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are all about rides, games, foods and a lot of people!  We are still willing to wait in line for 45 minutes for a 2-3 minute ride. Why?

MN State Fair Midway at night” (CC BY 2.0) by m01229

It is all about the fun

The fun starts just by planning the trip to the park. And once we’re in, the excitement rise up because we just want to start and go for a ride. Our problems are set aside for that day. It is our stress free day.

Not all, but some of us loves the adrenaline.

Even if the ride is scary, we still try it because of the euphoric feeling and the adrenaline it gives. Sometimes, the feeling is addictive that’s why the next time we go there or if the line is short, we’ll try it again. And usually after the ride, we feel like a superior to the person who didn’t try because unlike them we conquered it.

We are born competitive.

Those classic games inside the carnival are so addictive because we want to win a prize. Because of that, we are becoming competitive. Sadly, even though we exerted effort those big prizes are hard to win. Nonetheless we still enjoyed our mini prizes.

Because of the bonding and memories.

Lastly, we love going to the park not just by the park itself. It is usually because of the people whom we are with. May it be our friends, family or partner the memories that we will make with them is the greatest of all.


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