What I Learned From Loving You

Having you is the greatest thing ever. I’ve said this to a lot of my blogs but I just wanna say it over and over again. You are my partner, my soulmate and my best friend. We’ve been through a lot and we both know that before we reached this stage, there are things that we worked out for. You didn’t change me but I changed myself to be a better person.


There are a lot of things that I’ve learned from you my love. 

Not to be self centered

There are times that I only think of myself. “It is all about me”. I sometimes forgot that you too have your own life, thoughts, and feelings. I apologize for that.

But anyway, I know that being self centered is not a good thing. I shouldn’t think only of my benefits because  we are a team. I should think of yours too. I am still learning to be giving. But we’re getting there.

And guys, being too self centered means that you only thinking of yourself. That you are disregarding your partners’ emotions. It shouldn’t be that way. Remember that you guys are a team so you have to give and take.

To accept our difference.

We are opposites in a lot of ways. I am organized and you’re not. I am very open and talks about everything and you’re very reserved. I like my veggies, and you’re a “meatytarian”. And many more…

Even though we are different, I learned to accept who you are as a person. I even loved you even more because of that. And somehow, we even blended (even though I sometimes  get mad to you for not cleaning but eh, I know that’s my task. I already accepted that.)


That was my problem. I usually get mad at you for no reason at all and I always expect that you are going to say sorry. But nah-uh. You taught me indirectly how to lessen my pride and say sorry especially if I was the one who made a mistake. It was hard at first but you are not talking to me unless I said it! Oh, those days.

It worked anyways because now I know when or when not to say sorry.

To be patient

You always poke my nose, always tease me until I’m irritated. It was hard at first but I already have longer patience as time passes by.

To trust unconditionally

I don’t trust easily. But as I fall for you more, I started to trust you more. Thank you for that. My fear of trust lessens.

I guess when you really love a person then trusting comes a long. 

That love is both happy and painful.

It is both happy and painful. Of course, we fight and that is the painful part of a relationship. Because instead of having fun, one of us is mad. It is happy at the same time because by just spending time with you, I am at my happy state.

Love isn’t always about good things. There are fights along the way. But those fights makes the relationship strong. It will serve a lesson to both parties. Oh, and don’t let the fights destroy your relationship.


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