REVIEW: Industriya Marikina

Rate: 7.5/10
Price: ~2000 PHP for 2
Parking: With Parking, however limited. (approx. 8-14 cars) 
Contact Number(s): (02)904 8372


My partner had his birthday dinner here at Industriya Marikina. This is my birthday treat to him so I chose a fancy restaurant near our place. Usually, the place is filled with people so we went earlier (6:30pm). So below are my thoughts.


For starters, my partner and I ordered wild mushroom soup. The flavor was too strong so we couldn’t finish it. I guess it would be better if they paired it with bread.

For the main dish, I ordered truffle cream pasta which consists of truffle cream and Parmesan cheese. It was good. However, the flavor is too strong so it should have been paired with a meat (chicken breast) to balance out the flavor. Nonetheless I finished it. While my partner ordered ebi tempura. I tasted it and it delicious. I was kinda jealous of his food.

For dessert, we ordered oreo cheesecake. It was okay,,, but I don’t like the flavor.

For cocktails, I ordered Margarita while my partner ordered Cola Rita. The alcohol on both drinks were strong. Still, we finished it.


I super love the place! It looks cozy and fancy. It is very instagrammable. The downside is, the place is hard to visit. It can be reached if you have your own car or tricycle (which is a little bit pricey).

The service is perfect. The staff were really friendly and really accommodating. We got the service that we paid for.

It is still a go to place. But I guess I will not be here regularly. For those who like stronger taste for food, then this suites you. For those who like Filipino and Japanese food, this is your place as well.

For reservations, you can call the number above. This also an events place so call them fro more inquiries.

For our detailed experience, click the link here.


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