Our Experience at Industriya Marikina


My partner and I went there to eat during his birthday. When we arrived (6:30pm) there’s still a lot of parking space. So it was a good thing. The ambiance was really wonderful. It was cozy and fancy at the same time. The staff greeted us and gave the menu right away. While we were browsing at their menu, they already served us with water and free popcorn. In fairness, the popcorn is really tasty!


For starters, we ordered wild mushroom soup. For our main dish, my partner ordered Ebi tempura with 2 cups of rice. While I, originally ordered salmon primavera. However, the sad thing is they don’t have salmon. So I decided to order truffle cream instead. For our dessert we ordered oreo cheesecake. And lastly we also ordered cocktails. Margarita and Cola rita.


The food we ordered costs 1838.71 PHP. Below is the break down.

Ebi Tempura 8pcs – 380
2 Wild mushroom soup – 360
Oreo cheesecake – 260
Cola Rita – 140
Margarita – 150
2 Plain Rice – 100
Truffle Cream Pasta – 298
Service Charge – 150.71

Overall, I liked the place however, the food that I ordered was not that great (for the reason, check my review here). And even though the price is a little bit pricey, it is okay since we got the service that we paid for. Anyway, I am willing to try the restaurant again. Instead of ordering their pasta, I’ll try the other dish as they offer a wide variety of cuisine.

‘Till my next blog!


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