This Is How We Started


My love.. I’ve known you half my life and you are now a big part of me. We grew up together, we shared our lives, we are best friends. Even though we’ve been together for a long time, I could still remember our “firsts”. Here are some of it.

**I hope you can still remember this. 

Your first letter to me makes me kilig.

It was valentines day 2008, you gave me a letter before heading to school. This was the first time you confessed that you have feelings for me. It was sweet and I got kilig. I compiled all the letters you gave me. I still read them too.

Our first pet names was kinda weird, but still sweet.

I remembered telling you that my favorite cereal was Honey Stars and you told me yours was Koko Krunch. With that, we decided to interchange the names. I called you HK (Honey Krunch) and you called me KS (Koko Stars). It was weird but that was our trademark. No one had that kind of pet name. That’s “our thing”.

**Ever since that moment, I get confused with the correct cereal names.  

The first stuffed toy you gave me, we named it Leila.

Out of nowhere you surprised me with this minnie mouse stuffed toy. We decided to name it Leila, my favorite name. I still want to say thank you for giving it to me even though I know you didn’t have much money back then.

Our first kiss.

Above every firsts, our first kiss was the most memorable one. I’ve never felt this kind of happiness. I couldn’t explain any further the way I felt.  Words aren’t enough.

The first time you you made me cry.

During our first few months together, when I am sad, instead of showing sadness, I’ll get angry. I never cry in front of you because I wanted you to know that I am a strong woman. Until the time that you assured me that it’s okay to cry and there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve let my guards down. And that was the first time I cried in front of a person. Thank you for being there. Now, I am a cry baby.

Those were good memories. I am filled with joy every time I reminisce and I would always think at the back of my head, “wow, we’ve come so far”. I am so proud of us and I know that we will still create countless memories … I love you so much.


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