I am Addicted to Youtube: My Top 5 Youtubers


Lately, I’ve been addicted to YouTube. And I wanna share with you my favorite channels. Meaning, I’ve been watching them every time they upload new vlogs/videos.


Judy, is a youtuber for more than 5 years already (I think). She vlogs her everyday life and posts videos daily. I remember the first video that I watched was the birth of her first child, Julianna and that was 3 or 4 years ago. Since then,  I’m a fan of their growing family.

She is the first vlogger that I ever subscribed to. And I can’t believe that for years, I’ve been watching her vlogs.Anyway, what I like about her (besides that she’s a Filipino who grew up in USA) is that she’s really humble and down to earth. I could feel her sincerity. Oh, and her family is my inspiration when I’ll be having my own. I hope someday I could meet her.

Visit her youtube channel. Click here.

Steph Choi

She’s half koren- half japanese and was raised in USA. But her family lives in Japan now. I forgot how I bumped into her channel but I loved it in an instant. She does daily vlogging and do quote of the day as well. I really like how sweet she is. Currently, she is in Thailand.

You should check her channel. Click here.


Tracy and Stefanie are sisters who owns this channel. “Hey guys!” is their trademark. I super love how jolly they are when recording. They don’t do daily vlogs instead they do first impressions, how-to’s, testing products as seen on TV and many more. They are really entertaining and I bet that you’d love them as well! Even my partner likes them!

Check their channel here.


Emmy, tries food from all around the world. It was sent to her by her viewers. I was really interested on how she will react with the snacks given to her. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel satisfied seeing her eat. Anyway you should check her channel as she has the calmest voice ever!

Click here.


Ryen vlogs his daily life after college. He’s always with his Corgi dog, Gatsby. You would love this channel if you are an animal lover (esp. dogs). He also makes buzzfeed recipes and will rate if it is delish or not. Check his channel so you’ll know him more!

Click here.

So those were my top 5 youtubers.  I will make part 2 of this because there are still a number of youtubers not mentioned in this blog so stay tuned!

Are you also watching vloggers/youtubers? If so, what’s their channel?

or.. Are you a youtuber as well? If so, comment below your channel and I’ll follow you!


2 thoughts on “I am Addicted to Youtube: My Top 5 Youtubers

  1. Hi Nina! I like Ryen too! Well actually I am big fan of Gatsby! My other fave YouTubers are Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi and Maangchi. If you like Korean food you will like them both!

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