My Last Letter to You


Once a passionate love now turned to ice. I wrote you a letter which consists of my unsaid feelings. I never got the chance to gave it to you though.

I love you.

I wanna start by saying I love you. Those three words means so much to me even though I know that it doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. Please remember that my love for you will never fade. I love you, I love you, I love you…

I tried, but you gave up.

I thought that you will never leave me. You promised that you will always have my back. But what happened? You became distant. Talking to me becomes a chore. We were best friends but now, I barely know you at all. Why? My friends told me that you are seeing another girl. I don’t know if that is true.. Or maybe I know that it’s true but I am in denial. Is it really true?

I want you to know that I really fought hard for this relationship… I tried understanding your needs, your wants. But you gave up on me.. No. You gave up on us.

I will never forget you.

This has to end already. I am tired of making myself a fool. This is not me anymore. I am not begging for anyone’s attention. It pains me that this has to happen but I should have done this way back.

Even though this has to end, I will never forget that you made me feel special. I will never forget how we planned our future. Those were the memories that I will treasure even though things turned out differently. Thank you for the love and memories.

Good bye.. My Love.”


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