When You Dream, Dream Big


I am not contented with where I am today. I want more.

Because dreaming has no boundaries. 

I started dreaming when I was still a kid. I dreamed that one day, I’ll be like my favorite teacher. As I started to watch documentaries, I then wanted to be an Astronaut. And as I start high school, I discovered my love for math and science. With that, I dreamed to be an Engineer.

Even though it is hard to achieve, continue and fight for it.  

I took my college entrance exam with the degree that I want and I passed! At the beginning, there’s still excitement, then reality struck me. The degree that I chose (Chemical Engineering) was not as easy as I thought it would be. I failed some of my courses so I thought about shifting. But no, I decided to stay. I studied harder, asked help from my friends. I thought that I wouldn’t make it until I saw my name on the list of graduates. I graduated on time!

Dream bigger, dream more, don’t stop dreaming.

My dreams are bigger now that I finished college. I dream that one day, I’d have a car, house, and of course to have my own family. I also dream that, I’d be able to work at home and could still provide for my future family. Lastly, I dream that one day I would have lots of money and I wouldn’t have to work anymore. If that happens, I will explore the world and would share it with you guys!

Dreams do come true if you take an action and work for it. Struggles will always be there but don’t give up!

Dream big everyone!


3 thoughts on “When You Dream, Dream Big

  1. There is one thing though the more you fall in love with a dream the more you drift into the unknown.

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