REVIEW: Happy Skin’s Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie

Shade: Cherry Red and Nude Pink
Price: Php 1099
Store: Wellworth (U.P Town Center’s department store – Philippines)
Rate: 8/10

I was already decided to purchase Shut Up and Kiss Me’s nude pink lippie. However, the color that I want is not available for single purchase. Instead, it is available together with another lippie which is the cherry red. I was hesitant at first but my partner insisted that I should buy it since they both look good.  So there you are!


  • It doesn’t feel heavy when you apply it to your lips.
  • It really moisturizes your lips.
  • It is very lightweight and can easily fit to a purse.
  • The nude pink is pigmented and it doesn’t look as natural but I like the color anyway.
  • I was shocked with the cherry red because normally I wouldn’t be wearing this kind of color but I’m in love with it. It is very pigmented and it really suites my undertone.
  • It is a pencil type lippie, which is good because I don’t need to put lip liner anymore.
  • The packaging is really cute and girly. I love it!


  • A little bit pricey. One lippie costs around 600 PHP ~ 12 USD
  • It is not kiss proof.
  • The color will fade after eating or drinking so you have to reapply. Always check your lips especially when wearing the cherry red.

If you are planning to wear this lippie on a buffet, I guess you better think twice! Overall, I still like like this lippie and would recommend this to you guys!

‘Till my next review!

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