This is related to my post earlier about PCOS, you can check it here. There are a lot of symptoms that each of us shows and I wanna share mine with you.


Like what I said earlier, I had either late periods or missed periods. It started when I was 15 and when I was 18, I got worried because it happened again. That time, I had my period for 7 years so supposedly, my period would have been regulated but it didn’t.

Thank goodness because as of this moment, my menstruation is already regulated.

Pre Menstruation Syndrome or PMS. Yes girlfriend! You are not alone. A week before my menstruation, I would already feel pain in my abdomen. It would become more painful as my period is about to start. Aside from that, I would experience irritability, tender breasts, food cravings (I’d crave for either sweet or salty, fatigue and head ache. My headache is really painful one day before my period starts.

Unwanted hair growth. It may not seem like it because I have light colored body hair but I do have lots of hair on my arms, legs and I even have girlstache.

Well I guess that’s it for my symptoms. My sister, who also suffers PCOS has different symptoms. How about you girlfriends?


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