My High School Sweetheart

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A stranger that became my friend and eventually my partner.

It all started last 2005. The school year was at its end. Our school bus was already there waiting for us. However, my schoolmates have errands to do so we have to wait a little longer. Since I’m done with mine, I decided to wait inside our school bus. As I walk near it, I saw a guy and he’s from a different school. He was alone and was waiting patiently. I felt sorry for him. As soon as I entered, I decided to talk to him.

Me:”Hi, I’m sorry that you have to wait! By the way what’s your name?”.
Him: “Hi, I am Jack. It is alright, don’t feel sorry.”

We talked a lot and it led us asking each other’s mobile number and friendster account.

Our closeness began during summer vacation. Everyday, we either call or text each other. That whole summer, we shared almost everything. He’s sweet and easy to talk to. We became the best of friends. He’s my shoulder to cry on and even my mentor. He just helped me give my best to everything and be at my best. And I’m just there to help if he needed me.

Two years after, we decided to date each other. It was hard because my parents were strict with me (typical Asian parents). I was not allowed to go out with him or even with my friends. We still survived though with just texting and talking inside our school bus.

9 years have passed and we are still dating. Of course as most young couples experience, we have our time off’s too. We dated others as well but we would always come back to each other.

Who would have thought that my chance encounter would be the one who would hold my heart?

Note: Name changed for anonymity


2 thoughts on “My High School Sweetheart

  1. asian probs. haha. the friendster is so nostalgic. feels like ages ago. anyway, your story is very inspirational. hope your love will just keep on getting stronger. 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      Teenagers nowadays do not even know friendster anymore. So yeah, it feels like ages. 😂
      Thank you and I’m glad that it inspired you. 😊

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