Being A Millennial

I am a millennial. I grew up in the transition of the floppy disks to flash drives. I grew up with technology around me. I grew up in convenience. Sometimes I imagined myself living in my grandmother’s and my mom’s generation. The time when technology is not as advanced yet.


My grandparents spent less time with each other early on their marriage because my late grandfather was a U.S. Navy. There’s no internet yet and they only rely on snail mail. It was hard yet they survived. If this is to happen now, I think it would be hard for me.

My mother and uncles said that we are very lucky because during their time when they had their thesis, they had to go to the library and spent hours reading. With me, all I need is my laptop and internet. I do not need to go to the library.

Convenience is around us millennials. Let’s not take this for granted thus, we should be glad that we are experiencing this.


2 thoughts on “Being A Millennial

  1. The one thing I miss the most however is ‘browsing’. You cannot browse for things anymore, you must know exactly what you’re looking for. Library system may seem a little too much work these days but I’d still prefer it over knowing it all in advance you know? You should write some more on this topic, I’d be happy to read 🙂

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