Random Thoughts: Why I Started?


Nina, lives in the Philippines and here is the story behind the little miss secret.

She started blogging 3 years ago. Those were the complicated times of her life. She was depressed. She shared secrets that she can’t open up to her friends and family. It was therapeutic for her. She only blogged a few times and she stopped.

3 years later, she decided to return. This time, it is not about her personal secrets anymore. It is all about what she does that others might not know.
She’s a beauty enthusiast a foodie, an artist, and a writer. She blogs to share and inspire others.


One thought on “Random Thoughts: Why I Started?

  1. I’m glad you pursue blogging. For me, writing is not only my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings but more to release emotional burden and detoxify my soul. Continue what you love doing and I’m sure you’ll find happiness beyond measure. God bless!

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