The Beginning of an End

The place where our love bloomed. A love that might last an eternity – the beach.

Pagudpod beach, Ilocos Norte, Philippines – Taken last 2013

The clear waters, the white sand and the sun, they’re the witness of how it all began. As the waves approaches us, I feel your hand slowly holding mine. I reciprocated it without second thoughts.

We enjoyed every part of it. We laughed. We were carefree. We owned the world. We were in love. 
But it also ended there, for you are with someone and it is the right thing to do.

Above all, I value myself and will not enter in a chaotic relationship.

And that my friends, was how our love began and ended in the beach.


4 thoughts on “The Beginning of an End

  1. You did the right thing! Alot of people would not have enough respect for someone elses relationship or for themselves. Something good will come will come your way because you did something good! The right, deserving person is out there for you. Loved reading your post! Take care and God bless.

      1. No problem! Quick question… how do you add a hashtag to your post? I just learned how to tag lol and I see them on everyones posts but mine so figured I would ask the next person I spoke with. Sorry for bothering you and thanks in advance!

      2. I think it just shows up randomly depending on the tags I entered (I usually enter multiple tags). Well that’s what I observed with my posts. Sorry I can’t answer it directly since I too do not know how to edit the hashtags. LOL.

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