Doodle – Happiness

I did this last year (2015) because I feel like doodling with my new paper.

Kids found happiness with simple things; why not us?

As we grow older, our wants escalates. We never feel contented with what we have anymore. We often get jealous, greedy or selfish it is already poisoning us.. What happened?

Let us reflect and appreciate things that we have. We are lucky that we have them as it is better than nothing.


One thought on “Doodle – Happiness

  1. You said everything right!But… the human mind and the human kind…:). It is almost natural to covet something we don ‘t have…or something someone else has…
    It is good if we reach ,at one point in life, the part when we are happy for the things we have and tge people who we love and they us… it is si simple.alas… it is like jello -slips out of our hands…. 🙂

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