To My Mother and Bestfriend

I have a best friend and apparently, she is my mother. I love her dearly.

I remember telling my friends that I am proud of having you because I am able to tell you everything. When one of my classmates bullied me, you just told me to not put up a fight. You’re my role model. You’re my hero. You’re not just a mother but a friend as well.

mothers day” (CC BY 2.0) by ninahale

I heard you talking to Grandma about going abroad. I felt broken. I did not speak about it because I didn’t know yet if it is true until you told it to me. I cried myself to sleep. I am scared. I felt abandoned. I asked all the “why’s” to myself. Why do you have to go? Why do you have to leave me? I did not take the news well. However, I did not voice it out. I acted as if I am okay.

Almost a decade now and nothing’s changed, I still miss you. You are my mother, my best friend. I love you.

Advance Happy Mothers Day Mama…


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