REVIEW: In2it’s Lip Treat, Lip Repair Balm

Shade: Cherry
Price: ~230 php
Store: Watsons – Gateway Mall (Philippines)
Rate: 7/10


I was about to buy my favorite lip balm (In2it’s raspberry shade). However, the lady who assisted me said that there’s a newer version which is more pigmented than my previous lip balm. Out of curiosity, I bought this one instead.


  • Very pigmented (orange-red color) – This is perfect when you wanna wear make-up.
  • Moisturizing on the lips
  • It has SPF 30 so my lips are protected.
  • Cheap Price
  • Lipstick kind of look.


  • The color does not suit my cool undertone. Maybe I should try the other shades.
  • When going for a bare-faced look, this is not a go to lip balm.
  • Since this is a lip balm that is very pigmented, it smudges off easily especially when eating. You could also see the stain when you drink.
  • For me, the packaging has a downside. The cap is too big and it hardly fits in my purse. I would prefer if it is smaller.

Overall, This lip balm is not for me because at a normal day, I prefer a natural look. So I’d just wear lip balm with no make up on and with this being super pigmented, it’s hard for me to achieve the look.

I guess, for some of you guys who love color popping lippie, I would recommend this to you. Especially for those who have neutral or warm undertone.

‘Till my next review!

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