Life Like a Stairway

Image via Pixabay – Licensed under Public Domain

For me, the stairway symbolizes how we want our goals to be achieved.

  • The steps/tread is our timeline.
  • The handle is our support. These are our family, friends and colleagues.
  • The top is our goal.

There are people who would climb up hurriedly just to reach the top. While others would rather take their time.

So it is okay whether we climb up in a hurry or we take our time. Remember that each of us have different paces so we shouldn’t be jealous when someone is ahead of us. We will reach the top on our own pace.

Throw away the negativity and let us live life to the fullest!


9 thoughts on “Life Like a Stairway

  1. Loved this metaphor – blunt delivery as well. I like the idea of not being jealous of those going up quicker/achieving goals before you – because I so often do that when I’m looking at photos on places like Facebook. Really enjoyed reading this – Thank you.

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