REVIEW: Korean Spicy Noodle (Buldalk)

I watched a lot of youtubers challenge themselves to eat this. They said that it is sweet yet super spicy. I am curious if it is really spicy so I decided to try it myself.

I bought and got the  5pcs/pack and it costs around 250php.


Inside, there are two packets. The white one contains the seaweeds and sesame seeds while the red one contains the sauce. I just followed the instructions and it’s time to eat!


The first bite isn’t that spicy at all. It is delicious and I can taste its sweetness (just like what other people say). But yeah so far, tolerable. Then as I continue to eat, I could already feel the burning sensation on my lips, inside my mouth and down my throat. I also become sweaty. This is around my 4th bite. I have to stop midway and drink milk because it was so spicy. However, stopping made the pain worse. In the end, I gave up. The pain was already unbearable for me. I only ate 3/4 of my ramen.

I am still proud of myself because I was able to finish more than half of it even though I have low tolerance on spicy food. Anyway, my tip is to just continue eating it because once you stop, the pain will intensify. So just slurp slurp slurp!

For all those people who love spicy food, I highly recommend that you try this. And for those who’s not (like me) I still recommend it to you guys. Just for fun!

‘Til my next blog!

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