RANDOM THOUGHTS: Betrayed Friendship

Blocking you in my life is my way of coping up to what happened. I trusted you so much because I thought you will understand what I am going through. I still cannot believe that you can do that. Well, my subconscious knew that you can do that. However, I disregarded my gut feelings and trusted you. Besides, you were my friend.. I feel betrayed.

Image via pixabay – Licensed under Public Domain

I apologize for blocking you to all my social media accounts without talking to you first. I just cannot bare the pain. I hope soon, I will have the courage to talk with you again and finally hear your side.But for now, I just wish you all the best MJDR.

Key lesson? We should choose our friends wisely. Yes, we call them friends… “For now”. But, will they stick up with us when something happened? Or will they slip away? Some are not sincere. With this, I guess we all know who our real friends are.


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