REVIEW: IN2IT Gel Liner Pen, Waterproof

Shade: GL 01 xtreme black
Price: Around 350-450 php. (Sorry, I forgot the price)
Where I bought it: SM Dept. Store Cubao
Rate: 8.5/10


I love wearing eyeliners because it makes my eyes shine. However, some of the products that I have used don’t have the right shade (I preferred darker pigmentation) or don’t last long. I end up having eye bags because the product melted and smudged my eyes. Therefore, I am in search for an eyeliner which will last by the end of the day.

With that, I found IN2IT’s gel liner pen that is claimed to be waterproof. Below are my thoughts.


  • Gel liner in a pen. Who wouldn’t love that?!
  • It is retractable. I love retractable pens!
  • I love the dark pigmentation.
  • Smudge-proof. Yes guys! One time, I forgot that I am wearing eye make-up and I scratched my eyes. After realizing that I have my make-up on, I freaked out of course and looked in the mirror and to my surprise, it didn’t smudge
  • It doesn’t need any reapplication. After 12 hours of wearing this product, it is still visible
  • Very affordable and can easily find.


  • Yes it is a retractable pen. However, you cannot twist it back. With that said, we have to be careful and not to twist it up too much. We don’t wanna waste our product!
  • It is so hard to remove that I need to buy an oil based make up remover.

I ended up loving this gel liner pen! With that, I am recommending it to you guys. ‘Been using this product for over 3 months!

‘Till my next review!

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